Sunday, August 2, 2009

Plurality of values

There are conservatives and progressives,
There are Black and Whites,
There are women and men,
Spiritualists and materialists,
There are optimistic and pessimistic people,
There are rich and poor people,
There are doctors and engineers,
Lawyers and workers.

There are black engineers,
There are rich spiritualists and pessimistic women doctor,
There are white progressive lawyers and asian conservative workers,
There are poor optimistic materialists and rich pessimistic spiritualists.

Society is rich. People reflect all the dimensions of life.
None of us resemble to any.
The links that join people with the same value form an intermingled and complicated web that extends over a multidimensional world.

There is no one Party. There are not just two parties.
The people you agree today, you would disagree tomorrow.

This is the respect we need to realize.
To avoid one group of people to focus the entire political life of a country around a couple of issues, to constantly dig deep ditches, destroy bridges and fantasying that half of the country agree with them on everything.

Only by realizing this richness, and respect this richness, that we will finally get out the constant inertia and bitterness of political fights and move along toward a better world.

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